The Story Behind Pekkable

The idea to make available in India skin care that did away with harmful ingredients while nourishing the skin actually came about a few years ago, while I was looking for effective, yet safe skin care products which fully disclosed their ingredients list.

Having experienced first-hand, the difference a carefully practised skin regime could make, I was sure I wanted to embark on this venture. But getting to the point where I actually launched the line took a while; all along, I reminded myself that if I was looking for transparency in ingredients, there would be others looking for the same.

It was also very difficult to find fragrance-free skin care and our idea was to give people the option of fragrance-free skin care products to protect sensitive skin and also avoid alcohol or synthetic perfumes which can cause skin reactions. Added fragrance is largely missing in our skin care range but we did include a couple of products with natural fragrances (minus the alcohol) to give a safe option for people who would like a fragranced cream or aromatherapeutic products.

Laws in India were very lax where skincare and cosmetics were concerned but things are changing quite a bit, while imported products have to now undergo quite a stringent process, locally manufactured skin care doesn’t go through the same scrutiny. Most of them don’t go beyond listing a smattering of botanical exotic extracts and are being touted as ayurvedic formulations (things appear to be gradually improving). As a customer, you are entitled to not be deceived and know the truth behind the product, do read labels and explore the nature of ingredients used.

So, here it is, a range of safer skin care with largely nature-derived and organic ingredients, sans parabens, sulphates, alcohol, phthalates, formaldehyde-releasing, toxic and carcinogenic agents, or added colours. And, largely, without any added fragrances.

(for good skin days)