Hemp seed Oil

website-hemp-1 Quantity: 15ml
Price: Rs 340

A workhorse skin moisturizer, packaged in a reusable glass bottle and dropper.

Our Hemp seed oil is Pure, Cold-pressed and Certified Organic oil, it has been imported from USA where it’s sourced from Canada. It is a highly nutritious oil rich in essential omega fatty acids and proteins; pick this to give your skin the TLC it needs.

Hemp seed oil is wonderful added to food as well, and while this oil is food-grade, we recommend using it topically on your skin and hair for vitality.

Colour & Aroma: This unrefined, organic website-hemp-2hemp seed oil has a deep green colour and a grassy & nutty aroma. While all skin types will benefit greatly with its use, it is highly recommended for dry & dehydrated skin and may feel greasy to oily skin.

How to Use: You can add just 1-2 drops to a ready face cream or use the oil alone as a moisturizer. You can easily control the number of drops with the included dropper, use as much as your skin absorbs easily.

To make hair less frizzy without weighing it down, simply take a few drops of hemp seed oil and rub along the frizzy ends.

How to Store: To extend the life of the oil, keep it refrigerated (don’t freeze) as it is a sensitive oil. Stored well, it’ll be good for at least two years.

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