About Us


Pekkable™ prides itself on its ethical practices, our skin care products are manufactured at US-based facilities which use 100% renewable energy to run their operations, and follow sustainable and good manufacturing practices (GMPs). A major percentage of the ingredients is organic and a lot of care is taken to ensure that chemicals harmful to us and the environment are not part of the product formulations; the products are also bio-degradable and cruelty-free, no animal testing is performed at any time.


We also use high-quality packaging, reusable airless# jars for creams and glass bottles for serums and oils; we would like to keep extra packaging to a minimum so we don’t have cartons or boxes for our airless bottles which are sturdy and leak-proof. Glass bottles can sustain damage while shipping so we will pack them in bubble wrap or a paper box/pouch or similar.

We are also interested in setting up some system where we can take bottles from customers and refill them while giving a discount to the customer but we have yet to work it all out, suggestions are welcome.

#Airless jars keep the product protected against air/moisture and bacteria, the pump mechanism is unique in how it works so that air doesn’t get pumped into the product and react with it or oxidize it. Once the product is used up, you can reuse this bottle for other creams that don’t come in airless packaging.